It’s very easy!! You can register on our website as well as on our mobile application by simply adding your general information like Name, Email id, Mobile no.

Yes, indeed. Even its better than face to face in some aspects like –

  1. No time wastage on travelling.
  2. No hesitation in discussing queries with your Teachers.
  3. You can study anytime.
  4. If live classes are missed, there is provision to watch the recorded version anytime.
  5. Confused in any topic and want to restudy it. It is possible here.

You can discuss your doubts by 3 ways:

  • There is live chat box enabled during live classes.
  • Usually Lecturers provide their mobile no. and email ID, so that students can directly contact their respective Teachers.
  • You can discuss your doubts on DISCUSSION FORUM with other student as well.

There is a column of Ebook which is accessible by enrolled students. Along with that the books/SD card will be couriered by us to enrolled students on your registered Address.